Engange a new friendship!

You want to learn, communicate, exchange and meet scouts (groups) across the border?

Search no further, and start with a penpal: Ami.es de Brief!

Get a Starter Kit, with all the necessary informations and some envelopes, so you can start as soon as possible. The Partnership Team will find a scout group across the border who also wants to start a penpal with you.


Every scout age group can participate in this experience. You can choose during your inscription, if you wanna exchange with a scout group or just a single person. You can after choosing that, select which age group you wanna correspond (cub, beaver, explorer, rovers, etc).

At the beginning of your penpal exchange, you (and your correspondent group/person) will get a starter with all the necessary instructions, guides and envelopes to start your penpal experience. This starter kit will be shipped for free to the address (that you will indicate us). After that, you will have to pay for the post stamps for your enveloppes to your correspondent (exact stamps/shipping cost are in the starter kit).

To registrate, you just have to click on the button down bellow. There you will have to fill a registration form. After filling it it, you will get a confirmation email from the partnership team. At this point, the partnership team will try to find a suitable pennpal person/group for you. After finding one, you will be contacted and the partnership will ship to the given adress (in the registration form) the Starter Kit.

After your registration, you will get a confirmation email form us, thatyou have been suceesfuly registered for the penpal project. Then the partnership team will check all your information, and search a matching group/person. After you and your correspondent will get a starter kit sent by mail, and you can start your penpal experience.

The Starter Kit comes in the form of printed paper in the envellope, there you will get all the instruction needed for this project as well as some informations on who to write/send letters and how much does it cost. And last but not least, we have included some hints, so that you can in no times write your first letter to your penpal.

We will need your name and surname and also of the responsible of your scout (local) group, an address were the letters of your correspondent will be shipped (it doesn't have to be a personal address), the name of your local scout group, the number of persons who are in your group and the global ages of the participants (if you participate as a group).

We try our best be find/match a suitable penpal for your scout group. But be aware that it can takes time to find suitables peoples for your group/yourself.

Unlock a new Friendship

Click on the button down below and register yourself or your scout group, to participate a the penpal experience between the german BdP and french EEdF scouts. And get your Starter Kit soon, to begin your penpal.

Get your Starter Kit here
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